inUse, 2017 –
Visual Designer and User Experience Designer
After being self-employed for many years I missed having colleagues and being part of a creative collective. I made a shortlist of great places to work, contacted inUse and immediately felt it was the right choice. At inUse I have honed my UX skills but also kept refining my visual design with a focus on simplicity, usability and accessibility. I have worked with clients including Telenor, Regeringskansliet, Axfood and Feelgood.

Semara Productions, 2003 –
Visual Designer
Since 2003 I have run my own visual and UX design company. Customers have included large agencies such as Antrop, Ziggy Creative Colony and inUse, all telecom operators, media houses such as Schibsted (Aftonbladet, etc), Bonnier (Expressen, TV4, DN and others) and MTG (Metro). I have worked with privately owned companies, but also companies such as PTK, the Swedish Food Agency, Collectum and SBAB. I usually work with repeat customers, which clearly shows their appreciation for my work.

Broaden AB, 2007 – 2008
Visual Designer
The company developed and operated its own communities (web and mobile) and developed a community platform. My mission was to lead the design work for the community section. I developed graphic profiles, logos, and entire sites — optimized for both desktop and mobile. I also produced all design, both UX and visual. Also materials for prints, posters and clothes and more were produced by me. We launched two separate communities during my time at Broaden, both for desktop and mobile.

Emunity AB, 2006 – 2007
Visual Designer
Among other things, Emunity delivered mobile content to the major media houses, and my main assignment was ad production (print) for Expressen and Aftonbladet. I was also responsible for the design of our sales channels at as well as graphics / layout for a variety of mobile services (like ad campaigns for example Telia, TV3, ZTV, et cetera)., 1999 – 2005
Community Manager / Creative Director
I was asked by the site owner to run both the design and community sections of I worked with version 2 of the website and was visually responsible for, and developed, version 3. I also produced advertising material for web and print, as well as giveaways such as t-shirts and similar. During my time at, the site became Scandinavia’s largest site for film and home cinema with over 20,000 active members.

NOVA HögskoleCentrum, 2003 – 2005
Supervisor / IT Technician
I set up, and was responsible for, video conferencing systems where students connected to various colleges around the country. While the teachers were in other parts of the country, I also supervised the students and helped them on site.


IT developer, 80p
NOVA HögskolceCentrum, 2001 – 2003

Design for internet 5p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 2000

Business economy 11-20p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 2000

Administration of network services 20p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1998

Media on computer networks 5p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1998

Business economy 1-10p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1998

Information technology 11-20p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1997

Computer support in music 5p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1997

English 21-40p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1997

English 1-20p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1996

Information technology 1-10p
Högskolan i Kalmar, 1996

Course in video production
Ölands Folkhögskola , 1994