Feelgood is one of the leading health companies in Sweden, encompassing occupational health, exercise and physiotherapy. They offer innovative health services to companies, organizations and private individuals. The motto is that investing in health should be a profitable investment as a result of increased productivity and reduced costs of ill-health for businesses and increased quality of life for individuals.

I was tasked with producing a completely new graphic profile for the digital parts of Feelgood. The old visual guidelines were based on profiles for print and worked poorly on the web and for apps. A completely new color palette, redrawn logotype, visuals for social media, optimization of typography, to name but a few, were parts of the new digital profile. The result was so well-received that I was asked to continue work with implementation and fine-tuning of the new digital graphic profile. This continuation encompassed a complete re-imagination of Feelgood’s current mobile app and a new optimized structure for the next big version of the same app. In all of this, I was responsible for the visual design in teams with people from both Feelgood and colleagues from inUse.