Foreseeti is a company founded in 2014 with its roots in Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology). With a solid academic background the sophisticated product SecuriCAD was developed to help companies with cyber security and threats.

Foreseeti needed help with a new visual form for its web-based distribution and management system. I was challenged to transform the generic look with as few code changes as possible to follow Foreseeti’s graphic profile. This was done by taking, and integrating, existing code from Foreseeti’s public site plus making advanced changes to css. A big but fun challenge that required a lot of planning to achieve something seemingly simple and obvious. Thanks to this, the implementation in the backend became simple and fast — which saved Foreseeti a lot of time and resources.

Later, I was given the vote of confidence to continue helping Foreseeti developing its product. This time icons needed to be updated. The old ones were generic, substandard and needed to be changed to something new, custom-made and optimized. There was a need for a set of clear, cohesive and visually pleasant icons. The icons were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and pixel optimized for the correct size and for maximal clarity. For future proofing, and for devices with higher resolutions, everything was saved in vector format and delivered to the customer.