PainDrainer is a medtech startup developing a digital pain coach that, with the help of artificial intelligence, learns how your activities affect your pain. This is done through a mobile app. The idea is to help people with chronic pain to better manage their everyday lives. The app guides you and gives individual advice to help you plan your day and control your pain level.

I came into the assignment to create a brand manual as a basis for PainDrainer to be able to build on. In addition to basic content such as brand values, positioning, tonality and similar, this also involved extensive visual work to find fonts, colors, visual components and a general visual identity. The goal was to find a tone for the brand that felt friendly, human and warm. This as a contrast to the technical platform, with machine learning, AI and other things that at first glance can scare many users. In addition to basic branding, I also worked with a visual concept that showed what a future app could look like with the branding put into practice. The work was carried out together with experts in various fields at inUse and in close collaboration with the customer. As a result, the app was taken from a pure input tool to a value-creating system for routines and positive coaching. PainDrainer was very pleased with my efforts and plans to implement the brand manual and visual design.