Skola24 works with an internet-based platform where you, as a legal guardian or student, can access the school schedule and register absence. The goal is innovative and modern solutions that make a difference and simplify.

In a phase where Skola24 shifts focus and prioritize UX and usability, I was offered to come in and help lay the foundation for a comprehensive design system. The goal for Skola24 was to implement a well-thought-out, clear and consistent visual graphic profile optimized for its digital services. In addition to this, there was a desire to weave in aspects of brand ideas, design principles, and accessibility — all packaged in a way where Skola24 itself owned and administered all content.

My work consisted of analyzing Skola24’s current situation and an inventory of future needs. The work then resulted in a comprehensive manual with a detailed roadmap for how Skola 24 will work forward to implement a tailored and optimized design system. In addition to step-by-step information and instructions, the manual also included a variety of visual examples of everything from typography jobs to “do’s and don’ts.” An essential goal for me was to involve the entire organization, and therefore crucial people from the marketing department and other stakeholders were also invited into the process. The work ended with a much appreciated final presentation where the entire manual was reviewed, and Skola24 had the opportunity to ask questions.